American Botanicals

About American Botanicals

Core Values

To provide the highest quality products and services in our field

To base our operating strategy on the realization that our customers are our life-blood and reason for existence

To promote sustainable operation practices through stewardship of our resources

To encourage integrity in business through professionalism and Christian based principles

Meet the Staff

American Botanicals Staff

Allen Lockard - President
Sharon Lockard - Corporate Secretary
Chris Zumwalt - Operations Manager
Belinda Ellsworth - Office Manager
Bob Mayfield - Production
Craig Barnes - Shipping
Ron Kunzweiler - Milling

Company profile

American Botanicals was founded by Allen Lockard in 1994. Allen has over 40 years experience in the natural-products industry and has been involved in virtually every facet of the business, working with root and herb companies around the world. He has authored A Digger’s Guide to Medicinal Plants which provides valuable and practical information on identifying, harvesting and using wild medicinal plants.

We buy, sell and export hundreds of different roots and herbs. Our manufacturing facility is located in beautiful rural Missouri. In addition to processing, we lease properties for wild crop and grasses. Much of what we process has been harvested by our own personnel.

Our herbs, roots and barks are purchased directly from North American farmers and collectors and are available whole, cut or powdered. With the Herbal Industry growing; health food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, alternative medicines, flavoring and spice companies are using our botanicals in more ways than ever.

American Botanicals is Organic and Kosher certified and a proud member of:

Organic Trade Association, American Botanical Council, Missouri Organic Association, Botanicals Industry Council, Herb Research Foundation, American Herbal Product Association, National Nutritional Foods Association, MAHO, OneCert, and Ko Kosher.

American Botanicals