Heat Sterilization  

American Botanicals offers a heat sterilization process using controlled heat. this in-house service utilizes cutting-edge technology without the potential safety issues of irradiation or EtO.

Our heat sterilization system is totally natural, environmentally friendly and poses no risk to the consumer. This highly effective process enables us to meet the specifications of the customer. It increases the quality of the product be reducing the microbiological load, producing an unadulterated, natural herbal product.


American Botanicals specializes in manufacturing botanical ingredients. This process often includes drying, cutting, powdering, micronization, and sifting. The packaging and shipping department then makes certain the product is delivered in a safe and timely manner.

We do not treat any of our products with chemicals or additives, nor do we handle the materials in such a way that would reduce the quality. Furthermore, our in-house lab technicians ensure there are no contaminants.

Prompt, expert processing is accordance with customers' specifications is furnished on all botanicals. Our products are used by health manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and cosmetic companies through the world. We adhere to quality manufacturing practices for processing of dietary supplements, maintaining integrity of the product.